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I'm the...

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, August 10 2021 at 01:54:27AM
In reply to US public schools posted by Sobakevich on Monday, August 09 2021 at 03:01:19AM

"I don;t know what the fuck is going on" kid.

I completely see what bullshit is taking place in the US, via our mainstream media I lost 20 fucking years ago.. (it should have been sooner than that, but I was a rather naive type).

In some way, I was the sacrificial David Bloom riding on a tank into a dust storm with wide-eyed belief I was on the side of some good, cept I was on to it earlier than he, and bless his forlorn kids, no disrespect toward his family is intended.

I dunno, man... I've just lived my life with a disconcerting belief that we as a nation or even as a western world are headed somewhere (or being dragged somewhere by the diant ring in our nose).. to a place where none of us ever intended to be nor want to wind up.

..And we are a;;owing forces outside ourselves to take control of that narrative of where we must go.. and yanno?

I think ALL our western nation populations are waking up to it and seeing it's not ACTUALLY where any of us want to go.

The question now is,

What do we all we woken up nations actually do about it?


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