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Larry Elder Avoids Egg-Throwing Gorilla Girl. (ot)

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, September 09 2021 at 04:16:11AM

I like Larry Elder, though I know my opinion matters not. I've listened to him for a few years. I think his party affiliationtends to obscure his personality, his reasoning skills, and an incredibly honest perceptiveness.

I don't agree with all he says.

OTOH, he is living proof of what happens to an honest uncorrupted black man who dares to leave the plantation and embarrasses The Collective by becoming successful and influential anyway. They do not appear to be exactly similar the Asian method for gaining collective prosperity as a minority.

So he becomes the traitor and the uncle tom to da-oberseers who instruct their minions of color to call him a white supremacist, even as they already know they have complete control over the state voting system anyway. Adding insult to injury being their MO, they send in their cackling curry-favor to campaign, and pretend she has any sort of influence over anyone whatsoever. Baby, you don't. They just own the voting system. You don't matter to anyone at all.

I saw the facts and figures Elder put forth during the entire BLM fraud, and I never saw any of it slapped down as actually being untrue. It just made his enemies more angry. And tbh, that made me happy.

Actually, I really just wanted to post a song about the egg-thrower and Biden's woke general. I was sad nobody knocked her off her bike when she requested to be hit, just for the pure smiling joy of fulfilling her very adamant request, (though I am most USUALLY not a fan of hitting a woman).


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