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*reads a post, rolls eyes*

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, September 25 2021 at 03:34:10AM

And yet I still vehemently support freedom of speech without censorship until the day I die.

Censorship is at best, the lazy way of getting what you want. At worst, it is a form of blatant warfare. Realistically of course, it is sometimes necessary for the greater good of getting a larger message out under restrictions or laws for which we have no control over.

The free speech idea being, people with a sharp or even decent sense of reason should be able to board the best boat just by hearing the various arguments for why it is sea worthy.

As society gets dumbed-down from all directions (schooling, mainstream media, pop-culture/pop-music/Hollywood) as well as parents willfully allowing and taking a back seat to all of these influences in their offspring's early life, well, I admit I start to get a little nervous about my long-held adamant belief that everyone is equipped with the foundations to make truly rational choices and decisions. Indeed, my rather humble commoner mind looks around at what is taking place today and feels rather horrified that it all looks like a systematic wrench (or wrenches) in the gears of civilization generally, and too coordinated to simply be coincidental in its nature.

Who to blame? Corporations? Old-money banker families? The eternal percentage of charming psychopaths who never stop dreaming of controlling the entire planet? Satan himself?

I don't know if a consensus is needed on that last part. I'd insert here some prophetic saying about knowing them by their deeds or actions or something. But the world needs to start waking up faster than it is currently. Too bad I don't have a family life to blunt my worries with soccer games and camping trips and gymnastics or ballet lessons and cuddles by the fire on cold evenings. For my mind (personally) is seeing a very dark possible future approaching for the planet, and it isn't going to be caused by climate or an asteroid or Canary tsunami or Old Faithful earthquake or pole shift or any other calamitous outside force. It is approaching due to negative personality traits of humanity itself. Wish I had the answers.

..But yeah, we can still roll our eyes without demanding censorship, right?

Where have all the civil lib org's gone? ♪ Long time silent..♬

It's enough to make a donkey feel like an ass when he starts to suspect their defense of free speech for all and forever was totally full of shit all along. (This is where I put the discerning thinking emoji if I said it in a phone text.)


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