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Yeah, Hetfield 4-sure would have been more proper.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, September 28 2021 at 03:23:29AM
In reply to Oh, right posted by Cirkus on Tuesday, September 28 2021 at 00:58:23AM

I go there carefully, since I am not the metal connoisseur, but anybody with the slightest knowledge knows you don't send a grunge man to a metal funeral.

O was drawn to the guy from how raw and ugly he was, how he shouted up at the mic, and his mastery of that dirty bass sound. He was a guest on one of those 12 episodes of The Young Ones that were so funny and edgy to me long ago.

Well, he also has that Jail Bait song:) I only recently dipped into the earlier Hawkwind stuff.

Yanno, force of nature. He drew me in to some music I wasn't feeling before.

I felt the need to proclaim her deserved better. Dave wun-it. I clicked the vid and felt rage. GC was the easiest place to dump my feelings. It's slow enough here these days to go off-topic, right? Girl lovers are not one-dimensional after all. We think about other stuff that's not what outsiders presume is 24/7 plotting to rape their virgin daughters...

Always a pleasure, Cirk. Come back to the old chat some Saturday eve should it suit you.


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