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4 Running theories for our Existence

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, October 03 2021 at 11:44:10PM

Was just having a sort of interesting discussion with a (MAP) friend of mine about the origins of the universe and life. He doesn't seem to buy into any of the running theories, including science, though he proclaims to be an atheist who sees the idea of God as beyond silly. But he also sees scientific theories and ludicrous and demented. I dunno.

What's your theory? Am I missing any?

The running, living theories today are:

1) Religion. A magical creature (sometimes plural) living in 'eternity' used magic to create the universe and the life within it. You know the rest. This is the most popular theory among about 7,000,000,000 people.

2) Science. The universe started off with a big bang. There were no laws of physics before the big bang. Quantum fluctuations are always popping in and out of existence with what we call 'nothing'. One extreme fluctuation popped our universe into existence, with our laws of psychics, and it went through more changes in a small fraction of a second than it has since then. Any fluctuation within 'nothing' creates an infinite amount of alternate universes, therefore we are only one of an infinite amount of universes, and none of us are unique. Whenever anything - anything - is prone to chance, another universe spawns into existence where the opposite chance occurs from what we experience.
Furthermore, anything supernatural or paranormal that is experienced by a human is either 1) a lie. 2) a hallucination. 3) Has a rational explanation behind it. 4) Is the result of other strange quantum fluctuations. Or 5) Different occurrences can be the result of either four coming into play.

3) The universe is some kind of simulation we don't understand and likely never will. Whatever, or whoever created us, probably cannot be comprehended by our minds, and the same goes to whatever our creator's existence and own reality is like. It seems like every day there are more scientists subscribing to this theory as a quite probable possibility. Some are saying our universe may have been created by human beings in the future. Scientists have begun creating their own mini-universes in labs, with basically no matter in them, and they say it's only a matter of time before we're simulating universes (perhaps with computers) with life in them. Therefore, one day there will be more universes that are simulations than not, and it's actually more likely than not that we're already in a simulation.

4) A combination of the above.

Me? These days I tend to lean more towards the simulation theory (for the record, I've read stranger theories before, like that the universe is a mere dream some inter-dimensional creature is having. But that sounds to me like a very drawn-out simulation theory and is besides the point).

My theory is based upon what I've learned while researching religion, science, history, the paranormal, psychology, and more.

I say that we are being simulated by a being of a some kind who wanted to use us, toy with us, and have us be his pets. Our universe uses "science" as its binary code, although the big bang may be an illusion of sorts. The creator has an adversary who doesn't like the way we are treated. The creator dictated to us all sorts of foolish religions, ideas, laws, etc, as some kind of experiment. The adversary hopes to save us from this some way, some how.

Maybe not as interesting as I would have liked to put it, but that's how I currently feel in life and have for at least a couple years now.

What about you? What's YOUR theory?

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