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Girls are the only thing I look forward to at work

Posted by LOD on Saturday, October 16 2021 at 02:37:36AM

If I get just one girl coming in it makes my day. Unfortunately it seems they are too few and it is never on the regular.

A few weeks ago a girl came in. She was about nine or ten years of age. Immediately I felt her energy and it made my heart race with excitement. She was so talkative and sweet. She asked me my name and then she started calling me by my name and talking to me about her school as if we had been long time friends. I give her some free dessert before she leaves and I tell her I hope to see her again soon. A couple days later she returns but this time she is with her mom. She tells her mom that I'm her friend and thanks me for the free dessert I gave her last time.

But now it has been weeks later and I have not seen her again and it drives me crazy. These girls they come and then they vanish. If only we lived in society where it wasn't considered weird to keep in contact. I could ask her for her number or tiktok but I don't want to get fired or investigated per a parent complaint. I literally just want to be friends. I'm harmless but in society it is guilty until proven innocent and you are rarely given a chance to prove your innocence.

I hope to see her again sometime soon but I doubt it. With winter approaching too it is less likely as less kids go out during the winter.

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