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Watched "My Girl" over weekend & almost cried.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, May 17 2022 at 04:23:08AM

So everything on tv sucked. The one thing that was tolerable while I cleaned my place was that film. Okay, I know the girl chick got totally nasty non-GL-attractive later in years, but here she was as a youngster, pretty okay. Likewise, I saw Macaulay doing his "whatever" film that his handlers said was the next step for his career. Fine. He dies, and she cries. Damnit, I melt into emotion. I see what they did there!

So I'd never seen this before. Deleting her older self out of my brain, she was pretty darned adorable. 2022 me grunted to see Jamie Lee Curtisarrive on scene. Must we still, even post-Wanda?

I dunno. The Chlumsky gal was hot before she got absorbed and erroneously branded. Didn't like the ending of My Gal either, but that's just me. She chases her female friend into a future of lesbian folk tunes and no offspring. Not exactly a cure for the death of her boyfriend, but that's just me.

Her dad did a superb acting job. So sad for guys like that still eeking out a living in that realm.


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