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Petite Maman

Posted by LOD on Thursday, May 19 2022 at 00:09:54AM

Not sure of this movie is playing in a theater near you but if it is I highly recommend. It's a very wholesome French film about an eight year old girl who meets a version of her mother when she was the same age. It is a magical and somewhat supernatural element to the film that is never given any explanation for how it happens, only why it happens. But that's not a criticism, it works well for the film. Little girls are magical, what more is needed?

There is a really cute scene where the two girls (played by Josephine and Gabrielle Sans) are play acting in a game of clue that made me laugh at loud. They were so lovely! The entire film felt so enchanting .

Non girl lovers probably won't appreciate it. To them it is "just a movie about kids playing." But those with a deeper love for the world of little girls will love it.

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