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That's a Chinee curse, innit?

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, May 23 2022 at 02:18:51AM
In reply to Interesting times ... posted by Baldur on Sunday, May 22 2022 at 00:06:15AM

"May you live.. in interesting times."

No, my mind expects Gates or Fauci to have had a remedy for it already patented before it ever appeared in the West. Also thinking, the fact that it comes out of Africa lends itself super easily to pointed fingers of "RACIST!" wherever illegal economic migration happens and that this event is dared suggested as a possible source of new poxes or diseases never encountered by local populations before.

Yeah, the West as a whole is totally under attack from so many avenues. In my mind, this is the real reason someone like Putin sees that it is "go time" for the interests of his own nation. If they are fucking over their own populations on so many different fronts (medical tyrrany, economic theft, decreased livability standards that prepares them to think starving or eating bugs is normality), then what is their intent for our own vast and resource-rich country, as a leader sworn to nationalist protection?

I'd be freaking out. He's willing to do the necessary dirty work when the threats are at his doorstep.

Meanwhile, we have psychopaths running our medical programs, Raytheon bigwigs running our military defense programs that create military weapon stock returns for insiders, and crackheads with their dads engaged in money laundering kickback schemes inside the same motherfucking country that they are sending so many billions of taxpayer money to, while others connected to them were trying to create race-based (or even more specific) DNA-targeted bioweapons there, because there was no oversight on what devious sci-fi shit they were up to.

So yeah, MAYYBE it's just a sexually transmitted disease that arrived from Africa? (RACIST!) ..But these days if that were the reality, it wouldn't scare me 1/10th as much as what other diabolical things these Dr. Evils have cooking, while they own the mass-messengers that try to sell us on their lies.

Those who go along with it whenever it happens to seem to be delivering their own goals instead of someone else's, still doesn't get it, and at this point, probably never will.

We are ALL being turned against one another, and there are strings attached to us. Puppets. Look up, goddammit. Same thing I said and got laughed at about chemtrails and weather control. All you need to do is look the fuck up and decide to claim your own freedom.

So many get so angry at the messengers. They want to stay dull. They resent you telling them things that feel bad, instead of resenting the ones who are engaged in turning us all into ants who need to be squashed in the name of their own perceived superiority.

Those people will hopefully be the first ones sacrificed by the heel of the globalist mindset. If they cannot or *will not* make the connection that a steady stream of global diseases and hardships and disasters is far too coincidental to be naturally occurring and actually *planned* then good riddance. They're already dead to me anyway.

Keep cheering your Ukrainian actor in heels as they funnel your money back to themselves. Keep being mindless reactionaries voting to become part of NATO, the very thing that Russia said would lead to terrible war. They see what our elites are doing. I speak for nobody but myself, but don't say I never warned you. I'm comparatively safe from it all compared to some of you, so.. whatever.

Yes, Baldur. I HOPE the AIDS thing happened from some black dude boning a monkey somewhere in the central jungles of Africa, and the same for this one. That's how much I fear global humanity is being led to the slaughter by a group of monied psychos telling the rest of us to live in coffin homes and eat high protein cockroaches. Sick and gross as it is, boning monkeys suddenly becomes the least of our worries.


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