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The real question

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, March 26 2023 at 00:39:47AM
In reply to I... posted by Joey Bishop on Saturday, March 25 2023 at 11:41:13PM

I mean one side has been able to push an almost singular narrative for a while. The fact the other side is now doing it isn't a shock.

I haven't seen much debate where they bring in both sides of the issue then let them point and counterpoint and counter the counterpoints which is how I like debates to go.

In the few I have seen where both sides are given time it seems that they aren't really saying anything in the twitter files is really false. Just that it's being misrepresented and only the worse cases are being shown.

I just don't like the government working with companies as if they are one entity to silence voices they don't like. With it being overwhelmingly used by one side. The fact that both sides used it doesn't matter much as 1) It was overwhelmingly used by one party not the other. and 2) I don't even want people I agree with silencing voices of those who I disagree with.

But, I'm sure you know all this from me leaning heavily Libertarian.

Anyway. Good to see you back. Hope you can leave your thoughts more often here and elsewhere in the community.

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