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Some GC chat (now called Rylee's chat) facts:

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, May 07 2023 at 6:11:50PM

Total number of registered chat nics: 846.
Nearly all of these are long dormant.

Nics with the most unread memos:

#1- johndoe420 - 10
#2- NFiH - 7
#3- Sheepy - 6
#4- Celebrator - 5
#5- Humanist - 5
#6- LB - 5

There are literally hundreds of nics with 4 or less memos in waiting. No, I do not have any ability to read them.

Chat nics by the hundreds were first registered 4/29/2004. This makes sense, because in the beginning, all message board nics automatically received chat privileges when it first came onboard. This changed later.

Sheepy's last post was 1/1/1970 (clearly a talented time traveler).

Total number of people who placed their email contact in their profile: 14. (And many of these email servers no longer exist.)


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