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Raising The Dead. (Silenced GL'ers get a voice.)

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, August 12 2023 at 04:14:34AM

A difficult confrontation, but..I plan on opening the open-registration chat, late Saturday. 11pm eastern. 8pm California time. Just a test run.

A little earlier than our classic chat, which is not currently online. I have not asked why it went offline. Did not check email. Too soon, felt overbearing and intentionally uncaring, to have it disappear again already.

In dining terms, I think this is called a "soft-open"?

With all the high temps and fires (due to that Tonga underwater volcano), I think many people just need a break, in an accepting and real-time format, hopefully not too politically charged. Discussing girl love again, minus undue politics, would be pretty awesome.
Still working hard for you in the face of bad odds, GC.

Below, you will find a new GC chat in the link. It is different, in that it will allow both freindlies and hostiles to register themselves, and chat in real time on GC. Will it be lifted? Or will it be trashed? Blowing extra hard into the dice for hopeful success for this one. My plan is to fade away if it invigorates true girl lovers again. It will belong to you.

I am very sad that our "techie" went silent on me some time ago, never changed very simple visuals from the old chat, but my fear for GC being dead in the water now outweighs those (honestly, just superficial) intended visuals.

So go enjoy your bright anime log-in page, with a rather confusing, conflicting, and ghoulish-looking 19th century girl with her hand out when you arrive in the actual chat.

I tried, brothers and highly-rare actual female girl-loving sisters.

At least your voices can be heard again. Go tell it on the Lifeline board, to mods who genuinely expressed moderative interest. Last I heard, they have to express interest to ISP@girlchat, who is likely really based over there at BC anyway.

Baldur? Last I heard, we both have the same powers. Please lend a hand when and where you can. You are far more "svelt" at such things than I.

Chat is closed, until it is open. Goodbye Rylee??

Hello, Kylee.

Register when it's open, true girl lovers. This effort was made specifically for you, those with true gentle loving feelings, but no voice.


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