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Posted by luckless on Monday, August 28 2023 at 2:59:58PM

It is a manga / anime (1997)

It precedes Dragon Ball Z.
Im not sure where Heman and TMNT fit into all this. Laird is+was a workhorse, that is all I know. He ploughed through everything. All of it, with a fucking smile. I met him once. It isn't even mentionable. I still don't even

Merlin's beard, is that Harry Potter? How is he related to all of this? A female writer? Anime is written by Japanese men, so how can this be?! Oh God now JRR is here? wtf is happening?

The rest of the world triumphed as English was once again the first spoken language. Hitotsu kite hitotsu ochiru. "Even mother will show you another way".

It all started with Berserk.
I told you guys I would get around to watch it.

My first thought after watching it is: ugh. Protagonist, what are you thinking? I will kill you myself

At that point you realise that this is as much Pokemon, as much Naruto, as it is a display of cultures clashing.

Lol that is it

When I see someone beautiful,
I tend to stare.

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