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You just can't reach everybody

Posted by Febri-chan on Sunday, April 16 2006 at 00:01:31AM

I had the discussion with a friend for the umpteenth time about how CLs differ from CMs.

The girl (woman, actually) just doesn't get it, she is so chained to the myths about pedophilia.

Despite giving her all the [true] facts and clearing up misconceptions about what a [real] true to the literal interpretation meaning of 'pedo' 'phile' is, she just can't see pedophilia as anything more than some "creepy thing which [Febri] has a morbid interest in."

I've pretty much exhausted my arsenal of facts and experiences, but she still has that uneasiness about CLs.

I, honestly, have no idea what else to tell her about 'us' to convince her that the media is wrong about us and that we are right about ourselves.

Oh well, as I said in the header, you just can't reach everybody.


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