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living in shadows...

Posted by corus_aquilo on Monday, April 17 2006 at 5:58:49PM

how long have we contented ourselves with the insubstantial grey dusk simply because it bears the same general shape as our lives?
how long have we been all talk and no action in one arena, only to be all action and no talk in another?
we are sacrificing our integrity on society's altar in favor of perpetuating our own sexuality's invalidity.
we trade concepts and ideologies like baseball cards, we pass innocuous stories and benign encounters around like bags of chips, and all we're doing is getting greasy fingerprints all over our philosophies while we get fat on empty calories, wondering at the end of the day why we can't get any money for the babe ruth card and why we're winded running up a flight of stairs.
i believe in laws, and i believe in rules, but i don't believe in cowardice, regardless of what it calls itself to improve it's self esteem when it's out on the town.
if we can't express our sexuality in a physical way, what is it worth?
if we can't discuss the realities of those expressions, we are robbing both the expression and our partner of value, cheapening them by making them party to something subversive. we do nothing but confuse them the moment we stop being ourselves just so that we can pandor to the majority, moral or otherwise. mixed messages do not strengthen our position.
if we all stay poised motionless over this cliff because we like the view, we will never get the point across that the bottom of the valley is not only inhabitable, but beautiful.
it's nice to have a place to chat, a safe world constructed only of words, where consequences are limited to a negative post and the things we believe can be honed and sharpened against each other. and we should certainly not actively threaten that safety.
but ground will not move because we discussed the latest news.
the structures will not shake because we debated our place in society one more time.
and at the end of the day, it's still impossible to hide in your own shadow, no matter how big it is.


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