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We are 'bullies on the net' coming from Daydreamer

Posted by Love2uall on Tuesday, June 06 2006 at 0:50:24PM


Daydreamer now says we are being bullies by sending "hate mail" to her, either by email or by posting comments that are not appearing on her blog since she "moderates" them (more like keep them from being posted and seen by anyone...)

I wonder who is being the real bully here when she chooses not to post any of our comments and then shout at and threat us etc...

Daydreamer, wouldn't it be possible to see these "hate" comments that you receive so that the people can make an opinion of their own and see if you are actually right?
Wouldn't it be possible that your current state of mind stops you from being able to reason, therefore seeing everything that doesn't go your own way as being "hateful"?

Maybe there has been some people who have really sent you comments with threats and horrible words.
If that so, I am truly sorry about it, but you have to admit that by refusing to give them any voice whatsoever, and then defame, insult, threat and condemn them the way you did, I think it is somehow understandable...

To me it's quite poor to say all the things you say about us yet not letting anyone being able to make up their own opinions about it all...
You're doing exactly like the legal system and medias are doing...
I can't blame you, you have had the best ones at this as teachers or models...

This (I hope) shall be my last reply or post about all of this as it's just becoming useless and energy draining...

I was asking in chat if I should post about this, and here are the comments I got (re-written with permission):

If she has nothing but contempt for us then she doesn't deserve our time...

Love2, what is the deal with Daydreamer? If an anti then I personally wouldn't bother. They always regurgitate the same shit and it's been beaten like a dead horse as is. But if I am wrong please tell me about this Dreamer.

The CL community grows, changes, learns. The antis only grow in trying to keep up w/ us. Is there anything NEW in anti-theory since the 1950s?


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