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Re: Not to let Antis Win!

Posted by Child Model Business on Sunday, June 25 2006 at 11:46:43AM
In reply to Not to let Antis Win! posted by Debatecrime on Sunday, June 25 2006 at 09:43:50AM

I wrote this on another forum.

It is great to voice out but why are some of you looking for a fight with these people? And when you say things like it is "hilarious", it's like you are having fun with these antis. You understand that these people want nothing more than to make your life miserable, prison, death. They want your ips. They WANT you! But you engage in these fights with them like this is all a good time. It isn't fun having people want you dead or in prison. What's fun or hilarious about that?

We're supposed to be about GL. Why care what antis have to say? If they come bothering us, that should be when we fight but to keep playing these games with them and trying to challenge them will only lead to disaster as we have seen happen.

And especially you, debatecrime. I've already seen the bounty posted on you on one of those anti blogs. Why even play their game? Let them look foolish by ignoring them. That's how we win.

I've seen your blog and it is interesting but I just don't think we should think of these anti vs pedo blogs as a game of fun.

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