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Re: Not to let Antis Win!

Posted by Demosthenes on Sunday, June 25 2006 at 1:13:30PM
In reply to Re: Not to let Antis Win! posted by Child Model Business on Sunday, June 25 2006 at 11:46:43AM

It's because we are having fun with these mental midgets. These are the same sort of petty, pathetic people who look for opportunities to give other people a bad day in "ordinary" life. They have found a new way to play their sad little games, and personally, some of us find them rather humorous. Why? Because, if you really look at the situation, these people are truly nothing more than jealous at the core of their rage.

These people consider themselves adults and parade around their adult plumage, strutting around crying out to the world "Look at me, I'm all grown up!" The truly sad part is that inside they are just scared little children... except, they only bothered to hold on to the "childish" aspects of their personalities and none of the "childlike" ones. These are the grade school bullies and "plastics" of the world, all grown up but feeling deep down inside that their world is terribly, terribly small and they are only pretending to be what they put forth.

They are not only incapable of understanding our love for children, but love in general. One can't say that they don't understand the physical attraction, because they do. They'll never admit it, but the loudest voices among them are the ones with the strongest self-hate due to their own affinity for the form of youth. Is it a wish to return to how it once was? Is it a desire to regain that which has been lost? No, not really. It is a loud outcry of, "Hey, you're supposed to look at ME, not THEM! I'm all grown up, I paid my dues and now I'm supposed to be the one getting the love from adults!"

This, really, is all that it is about, in the end. They had some great loss of an adult love as a child, or had it withheld from them completely, and now they are jealous of any child that does have it. The most disturbing part of it all is that while they are actively parading around and shouting about the evils of us, the truth is that they harbor secret hatred of children for having the love that they feel that they deserve, and us for giving it to children whom they wholely undeserving.

Is it sad? Yes. Is it pity worthy? Probably. Do I care? Not really. They'll play their school yard games of bullying and name calling, running around trying to incite the other "kids" into a mob mentality so that they can lead a lynching against us, and we'll continue to just laugh at them. There are so very many things to laugh about, too.

I do believe that one of my current favorite lines of their willfully blind mentality is "if you care about children and want to donate money, send it in as an anonymous donor". Now, aren't these the same people who hide behind absolute anonymity online and ridicule us for doing the same? Now they are telling us to do things anonymously? Well, ChildhaterofOz, which is it? Wait, no, don't answer. There's no need, because I already know. You want us to "go quietly into this good night" and let you have your day in the sun. Well, the answer is No.

Hypocrites are the most amusing thing in the world, really. Bigoted ones with delusions of grandeur are the most humorous of them all, though. They tell us in one breath, "if you are so right, stop hiding behind anonymity" (wait, when did they stop hiding like the cowards and bullies that they are?), and in the next breath turn around and scream a distraught, "No, put the mask back on! Don't show yourself! Stay anonymous, we can't handle the truth!"

As far as playing games with them goes, however.. well, some of us are just watching them scurry around and letting them have enough rope to hang themselves with. When that particular subset of our numbers are ready, the real fun and games will begin.


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