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I must rant.

Posted by pedo-ken on Monday, July 24 2006 at 03:38:18AM

Okay a new rant 'cause I feel real assholic right now. Tonight's episode:


I get so fucking tired of seeing these ugly-ass child abuse women shouting death and destruction to all pedophiles just because some pervert cockroach did you-know-what to them when they were little girls, and how pedophiles are the new "terrorists" on the lives of innocent children. They are so disgustingly disgusting in their hatred towards society that it makes me wretch. I say society because they claim they love and protect women and children while spreading and instilling so much hate and hopelessness in victims of sexual abuse, and lashing out at all men in general.

The bigger problem I have with them is they project all of that hatred onto the abuse victims by telling them they were FUBAR'ed for life and they'll NEVER be normal - the damage cannot be undone. And they will believe it. Hell is it any wonder why so many child abuse victims become crack whores? These stupid bitches need to be implementing responsibility and self-awareness in these poor victims instead of making more feminazis who blame men for all their problems. Either way, men always lose. The stupid bitches hate men for "raping" their childhood and then turning them into 800 lb fatsos, or filthy skanks slinging ass for white rocks. Well they can take that Aileen Wurnos bullshit and shove it up their hairy arseholes if it'll all fit, cause any declaration of war on me or any of my fellow pedos will result in the biggest Mike Tyson style ass-whupping there is.

What's EVEN worse, they NEVER take a child's word into account. "CHILDREN CAN NEVER CONSENT TO SUCH A SICK HORRIBLE THING AS WANTING SOME MAN TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM!!" They "help" victims of sexual abuse by deciding everything for them because the abuse made them unable to decide for themselves. You guys got water-eyes from all the bullshit smell yet?! Is it any wonder why abuse victims put a gun in their mouth - they're made to feel even shittier than they already do!

I send a clear message to these stupid assclowns: It ain't the awful memories or humiliation that fucked you up; it's pure lack of self-support. You ain't dead, you ain't a paraplegic, and you're still alive. Start living the life you want to live without blaming anyone and then you'll really recover from abuse. I mean, do these stupid ugly bitches think by growing leg and armpit beards, piercing their body all over, and walking around topless showing their saggy eggplants that they've liberated themselves from male sexual abuse? Well men sure as fuck ain't gonna look, but do they honestly think their abusers are giving a flying pig's ass about them? They're either dead or spending the rest of their life married to Bubba - why give a fuck about something that's too busy getting fucked over?!

And stop ruining the life of child abusers trying to get their lives right. Next ugly bitch that hands me a flyer about a sexual abuser living two blocks away because she hates all pedophiles gets kicked off the planet ass first. Worse yet, the guy doesn't even know her and just wants to be LEFT ALONE!! Let him get on with his life and finally, just for once, START LIVING YOURS!!

As The Eagles declared so well - Get Over It.


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