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Re: I must rant.

Posted by turtle on Monday, July 24 2006 at 04:10:53AM
In reply to I must rant. posted by pedo-ken on Monday, July 24 2006 at 03:38:18AM

there is ALOT more wrong with our nation than just child molesters. when ones life ends up shity(mostly due to neglect and poor decision making skills)its always easier to find a scapegoat than it is to take responsibility for your own fuckups. that has a lot to do with the popularity of the "victim mentality" nation we live in right now. if you were gangraped nightly by your four brothers from 6 to 16,then sure,you might need some therapy. if you feel victimized because a man said you had a cute ass or squeezed your butt once when you were twelve years old,well,no amount of drugs or therapy will ever help you because you are a goddamn crybaby looking for a free ride. most CSA cases were not real abuse at all until some bored/lonely/jealous man or woman decided to stick their nose in where it didnt belong and help turn the whole thing into a fucking circus.

women are jealous of younger females. period.
men are jealous of other men who have the balls to do what they want,and get
by with it. period.

people love to control and force their will on other people to make themselves feel better about themselves. period.

its all about jealousy,greed,and control issues,and it has little to do with child protection. child protection is just a cover for our nations deepseated neurosis regarding human sexuality...

being afraid of touch or ashamed of being touched is not a natural occurance,it is a learned behavior. these idiots dont even realize they are screwing up their own kids for life...


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