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I finally got my site back up -- sort of

Posted by Jack McClellan on Friday, October 05 2007 at 04:15:59AM

I paid this European Web host about $80 US way back in early July (they demanded a year's payment in advance), but I haven't been able to upload my stuff because the login and password they gave me have not worked most times I've tried them. A couple of weeks ago I wrote them another angry letter and threatened to go public with my growing belief that they're consciously ripping me off, and now the logins seem to be working most (but not all) of the time. I don't know what the deal is with this outfit because they reportedly host other pedo-sites -- so they can't be treating me poorly because of my content. Anyway, I was able to at least get up a bare-bones (not style-sheet enhanced) Portland version of my former home page, and added a new link to the anti- Ron Tebo site "Expose Ron Tebo". My page is loading slowly at this time, so be patient or try it at a later time if you get nothing. I suspect I'm making history because it's probably the first pro-pedo site to originate from the city that spawned the appalling cult of anti-pedo vigilantes called Perverted Justice -- so I dedicate it to Von Jerk and his Rose-City crew.

As for life in Portland, I'm still looking for a permanent place to live (I thought it would be easier to find something affordable here than in Los Angeles, but it isn't). It's been nearly a week since I sold my car, and I've discovered that public transportation has its good points: I regularly ride with LGs (usually accompanied by their low-income mothers only), and I've [ edit ]. Portland isn't a world-class, 24-hour city like Los Angeles, but I like the overall vibe here better than L.A. and Seattle (it seems more "hippy-ish", for lack of a better word) -- plus the clouds here tend to be lower and trippier than in the Seattle area.

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