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Webcam sites

Posted by blue_horiz on Friday, January 29 2010 at 03:17:50AM

I was wondering whether anyone here visits webcam sites at all? I'm not gonna name any as I don't want to overstep my welcome here but if its okay I will reply with a couple that I know of.

I'm also not suggesting anything illegal like grooming etc but I wondered if anyone goes to these sites - do you just watch or take part - do you chat to these girls and if so do they know your sexual preference at all and are they generally okay about this?

I've had so many kinda gm situations on one of them I go on to - I don't chat to any of them as I fear that I might be accused of grooming but as the cams are public and the girls are aware that everyone can see them I don't feel bad watching. One of my favourite moments was when a 14 year old was using her webcam as a mirror while putting on her makeup - eye-liner, blush and lip gloss - it was such an intermate situation - it was like I was in the room just watching quietly. She was aware that there were people watching her as she was replying to messages on the room such as what colour lip gloss she was putting on. She was sooo cute!

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