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18-wheels a rollin!

Posted by Trucker on Saturday, May 17 2014 at 0:36:55PM
In reply to 18 common misconceptions about paedophiles and pae posted by lensman on Friday, May 16 2014 at 3:47:33PM

1. Paedophiles are not like normal people

Normalcy is subjective, which means it falls on its self-righteous face repeatedly when fumbling around in the dark. You'd be surprised what some of my guys have done with, for, to, and by other people who were the pinnacle of "normalcy."

2. Paedophiles wish to impose 'adult sexuality' on the children

Sex is just sex. Drop the "adult" label if you want a much wider scope on things.

3. Paedophiles seek to have power over children

All people want power in some way or another. Again, adulthood is just imposing a thought, not a state of being.

4. Child/adult sexual relationships are invariably damaging to the child.

So are energy drinks with 50gs of sugar, but ain't nobody complaining about hyperactivity so long as the kids are outside.

5. Paedophiles are unable to control their urges

We all gotta pee sometime, right?

6. Anyone who rapes a child or manipulates one into having sex is a paedophile.

See #2.

7. Paedophiles shouldn't be allowed to work, or have contact, with children.

Harmful bacteria from germs shouldn't be allowed near children either, but let the kids be kids and let the adults be people (key word).

8. Paedophiles don't 'fall in love' with children but just want them for sex.

Same could be said for marriage. Once the sex deflates, the likeability of divorce inflates.

9. Paedophiles have below average IQ and are uneducated.

You actually give credibility to an IQ test as a measure of mental competence.

10. Being a paedophile is a matter of choice.

Taco Bell or McDs is also a matter of choice.

11. Paedophiles can't manage it with real women and choose children as an easy option.

Try managing a gang of kids at the pizza arcade on an LGs birthday. At the end of the day an argument with a woman will be reeeeeeeal easy.

13. Paedophiles will 'drop' the relationship once adolescence is reached.

Like adolescents can't drop their dates? As if?!

14. Children cannot consent to sex.

Again, see #2.

17. Children cannot be interested in sex or intimacy with an adult.

How many times do we gotta do a #2? I knew I shouldn't had Taco Hell...

18. Paedophiles 'groom' children.

I don't know about you, but after a long day of fingerpaints, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, playing ball, running after being tagged "it," and pizza with a movie from uncle Walt...grooming them to clean them off for bed ain't too bad of an idea.

The whole point is that the definition of a pedophile ain't from what some people who took a bunch of tests to get a bunch of degrees to write for a bunch of journals that end up being the criteria for a bunch of manuals that make the rules for a bunch of people who would rather just enjoy the freedom of being the self, regardless as to what the bears impose.

Every law has a price, y'know.

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