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Re: 18 common misconceptions about paedophiles and pae

Posted by rainbowloom on Saturday, May 17 2014 at 01:57:15AM
In reply to Re: 18 common misconceptions about paedophiles and pae posted by EthanEdwards on Saturday, May 17 2014 at 0:20:41PM

Society cares deeply for children and their welfare, so let's leave it to them to figure out whether society could be changed so that it can be good for kids to engage in sexual activity with adults...

Fair enough. But let's get rid of the us vs. them mentality here. We are a part of that society, not to mention the part that probably cares the most of all for children and their welfare.

However, the rest of society tends to imagine the very opposite of that...

When pedophiles make such a suggestion, it comes across as seriously out of touch with the reality of child psychology as they see it and as blatantly self-serving.

...So let's try and establish the fact that we care especially deeply for children, and want them to be happy and safe. (Dispelling misconceptions about pedos, as Lensman has done here, is a good first step!)

When I say there is no inherent harm in adult-child sex, I feel like I'm just stating what I think of as fact. I'm stating with absolute confidence that any child who were to enter into a consensual romantic/sexual relationship with me, would not, despite the inherent imbalance we agree would be present in the relationship, come under any harm as a result of that relationship, whatsoever. (Except that which would be imposed by third parties.)

This is a belief I need to hold firmly, or else I feel like I'm not being true to myself, my very nature, this love for girls so powerful that nature has given me.

I'm not arguing for anything, I'm not trying to convince society of anything. I'm not suggesting that society should change in a way that eliminates the harm from adult-child sex... just that it would be possible.

And once again, I don't think it should be allowed to happen, because the necessary change would constitute a correction of that imbalance between adults and children. Some pedos would argue that that's the way to go (i.e., the Youth Liberationists).

I don't see it. I don't see society progressing in such a way. Because I think that society, as a whole, is pretty satisfied with the way its young are being raised. Not that there aren't some glaring social issues relating to youth and youth culture - just that fundamentally, we have a good system.

See? Same conclusions. Different reasoning. It's OK, Ethan - I'm not out there advocating that adult-child sex would be just GREAT if society weren't so goddamn prudish about it. Jeez....

Also, such a stance, with differing personal and social policies, allows me to make posts like this, while still being very sympathetic towards pedos who have had consensual, loving adult-child relationships, (because we both believe, you and I, that they can exist), torn apart by third parties who then proceed to convince little girls who (validly) just thought that they were being loved that they were actually being manipulated and abused....

- Rainbow

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