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'teleiophile' was my small contribution to the...

Posted by griffith on Monday, May 19 2014 at 3:03:41PM
In reply to 18 common misconceptions about paedophiles and pae posted by lensman on Friday, May 16 2014 at 3:47:33PM

See? I could not resist saying this aloud again. :)

teleiophile – someone sexually attracted to adults

Sorry, lensman, that I comment only on this small detail in your post. I am an oldtimer who has lost the desire to make long posts, and long posts are harder for me than for someone else, because my English, while working, is not perfect.

In the end of the nineties someone said bitterly somewhere else: "Because the adult-lovers take their orientation for granted, there is no even name for their orientation."

I decided that this must change, that there must be a name for it, that it must be just a "philia" among others, nothing else. I began to search the name. The problem with classical Greek was that there is no generic word for an adult: there is one word for men and another word for women. This is of course because men and women were highly unequal in ancient Greece.

Finally I found a word "mature" in the animal world—téleios. I asked a certain professor if the term sounded correct, but that anti probably guessed what I was after and stopped corresponding with me.

I did an Internet search then and found only one occurrence of teleiophile in those days, but that page was not free to view: I should have paid for reading it, so I did not know what the term meant.

Anyway I began using the term teleiophile for an adult-lover and the term became public.

Later I learned that Blanchard had coined the term before me, though he used it in a slightly different meaning from mine. But anyway I had coined it independently, without knowing anything about him, and it was me that made the term public.

So, you see? I could not help boasting a little. :) Anyway, it feels funny sometimes that I have invented a term that is now widely used. My small contribution to our community: adult-lovers are also just -philes.

What energy I have left now, I spend on writing that has little to do with little girl themes, though... you could imagine that such a theme is deeply hidden in the story.


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