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Burden of proof on the one making accusation

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 0:26:16PM
In reply to Inserting my opinion posted by balto on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 11:46:05AM

Refuted . . . indefinitely? What if I said that nature is another word for "it", and that science is a word for studying "it"? (It meaning God, or whatever other word or terminology you want to use for it.)

No... not refuted indefinitely. However, the only source that predicts God's nature or tells us anything about him is... religion.

Even I'll admit God might exist. However, until I believe in God, or even the aliens for 100% sure, it all needs to be proven. That's a very logical statement.

So God could exist, but so could leprechauns, mermaids, werewolves, fairies, elves, and vampires. But I'm not going to live my life around any of those things, especially in fear, when they only might exist. Am I going to start putting garlic and crosses all around my house so that vampires won't come in, just because they might exist? No. And Logical people should treat God the same way unless he is proven to exist. I also think most people reading this, including theists, will know that I'm making a good point in saying our existence is not proof for God, especially in the world of science we now live in. In fact, I think I basically knew this when I was a theist.

You can only ask "but why" so many times before arriving at either "we know", "we don't know", or "it knows", "it doesn't know". But does it matter?

Yet, as I said before, there's not even one defining answer from the theists as to what God is. What are his properties and attributes? How can something be so powerful, know everything, and control everything?

For example, I'd be willing to accept that God is actually an alien entity who created our universe (which is something I do find possible and sort of believe). Maybe this entity can do all sorts of things, including hear our prayers and grant them? However, this entity would have had a beginning in some other universe, and would not be the creator or in knowledge of all the other universes, including the ones with life in them, and including wherever he originated. This entity, on this hand, would not be "God" as defined by what most theists believe about him. God, at least to me, knows literally everything, and created literally everything, whether it be in this universe, or without. And even more disturbing is that theists tend to laugh at notions of aliens and such ideas as "childish junk", in favor over their "fairy studies with morals based upon myth", yet still fail to define even to a small point what God's attributes are.

And why call the creator "God" at all unless you believe in a defined religion which calls him such?

If you can't find God, why do you keep looking?

I would love to be able to believe in God, but just because I do, wouldn't make it real. It's hard when theists constantly lie with false miracles to "prove" God (I'll provide proof in a link) and when they don't take questions about God seriously, or even laugh at them. They assume God exists, and fail to even entertain briefly any other possibility. That's scary. I actually enjoy life quite a bit more in the not knowing and by entertaining different ideas. I have entertained the idea of God long enough, and I've seen and experienced enough of religion (more than you) in my life to know that it causes more harm than good. And there's plenty of books on that too.

• ( http link ) PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS

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