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Inserting my opinion

Posted by balto on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 11:46:05AM
In reply to My Confusion... posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 02:48:36AM

1. Welp, the existence of other planets is actually one of those proofs (!), since all ancient religions really claim that we are the only planet.

Froof for . . . "God doesn't exist"? What? How? Please prove how this is proof!

2. The concept of God is refuted by science and nature.

Refuted . . . indefinitely? What if I said that nature is another word for "it", and that science is a word for studying "it"? (It meaning God, or whatever other word or terminology you want to use for it.)

I'll stop there. You're not disproving the existence of God, as such, but from your own very narrow point of view, which is a shifty object unless you are a machine (which is quite possible, I don't know). From what I gather, you are trying to open up some strictest definition of "God" as a certain specific type of figure derived from a certain specific myth or collection of myths as you see and interpret them.

Meanwhile, "matter" is also a word for the "stuff" - or spiritual glue - that you claim doesn't exist.

You can only ask "but why" so many times before arriving at either "we know", "we don't know", or "it knows", "it doesn't know". But does it matter?

Lately in society we teach that it absolutely MUST matter!!

But for me honestly it depends on the day. I won't commit myself entirely to one view or the other - and I have a tendency to slightly distrust someone who does as not quite genuine (which may not necessarily be about a bad thing, I don't know nor do I judge anyone).

There are so many absurdities out there. Nothing screams "holy" to me. Life, nature, and the universe are all quite absurd and I cannot wrap my mind around why God would make things work the way they do.

Hahaha. This is a good one. :)

If you can't find God, why do you keep looking?

- woof woof !

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