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Still made of straw though

Posted by balto on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 6:05:37PM
In reply to NOT just a white guy with a beard. posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 3:46:59PM

It seems you don't fully comprehend just what "God" is supposed to be.

Nothing, according to you.

The fact that you feel you can educate us so thoroughly says a lot about the power of your ego and not much else.

God is "supposed to be" something different depending on whom you're asking. Staunch belief in one myth (or way of viewing) does not give you any authority to denounce others. Your failure to observe the merit of all other ways, and your ignorant and stubborn attachment to your own way, are leading you to make all kinds of all false statements.

Yet, there is an air of superiority that precludes everything you wrote in this thread. That is literally the only thing I've managed to derive from anything you wrote.

Sorry if that sounds harsh - but a pet peeve of mine is when someone acts like they know more than they know.

Have some faith! Or don't, but don't take on a superiority complex either way. Just start smoking cigarettes or something classy.

The more we can agree we don't know, the better (for making friends).

~ r a i n b o w l o o m

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