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NOT just a white guy with a beard.

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 3:46:59PM
In reply to White guy with a beard made of straw. posted by Hajduk on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 2:17:15PM

As long as you insist on defining "God" as "White guy with a beard" then of course you will find that. You're begging the question.

No. Science has evidence that there is no God/creator at all, beard or no beard.

In fact, they claimed that there were four elements: fire, air, water and earth. Definitely not hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluoride, neon...

And, in fact, God chose not to show them any differently, providing zero evidence for his existence, or evidence against the flat-earth hypothesis. It begs a lot of answers.

Engines have exhaust fumes. Light bulbs produce heat. It's called Laws of Thermodynamics, and I would've thought a scientist knew them.

It seems you don't fully comprehend just what "God" is supposed to be. He is supposed to be all-knowing, all-powerful. He could have made the universe and life any way he chose. If he wanted human beings to have assholes, and crap out of them that badly, why couldn't he at least have made shit smell a bit nicer to us? I don't understand why the laws of physics, and life, were "made" they way they were. If the infinite universe theory is true, then there is life somewhere, probably in a different universe of different laws of physics (and with different elements) where eating, let alone pooping, is not needed. Scientists have even theorized that there could be life in our universe that is so vastly different from what we call life that we would not even recognize it as such.

You refuse to because you insist that God can only be a White guy with a beard, and nothing but a White guy with a beard.

No. Even as a theist I didn't believe God to be any sort of "guy" "with a beard". I viewed God more as an "energy" of sorts. That's how I still would view him. The real problems are with everything else I mentioned. And please read my reply to Balto, also.

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