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I'm done here.

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Friday, January 26 2018 at 00:59:20AM
In reply to And... posted by Hajduk on Friday, January 26 2018 at 00:24:59AM

I'm done with this discussion since I don't want to "continue looking like a pretentious dick" who's "only looking to show off".

However, this entire conversation is public, and everyone can see, denote, and decipher for themselves who made more of the valid points, and who was doing most of the assuming and name calling.

I will say though that you can watch entire debates with Richard Dawkins and/or Lawrence Krauss (and others) debating full-fledged clergymen, and in those debates the atheists make the exact same arguments I made. Almost 99% of the time the clergyman has a shit response that isn't challenging, or no real response whatsoever. I'm not saying that because I disagree with them, I'm saying it because you, Hajduk, in this discussion, were able to counter my Dawkins/Krauss arguments better than any of the theologians and other educated theists can. You did challenge me some. But what does that say about the mindset of educated theologians who probably know more about religion and scripture than you do? And I'll leave it at that.

Best of luck.

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