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Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, February 06 2018 at 6:04:32PM
In reply to Okay, but: posted by rainbowloom on Tuesday, February 06 2018 at 4:28:11PM

It is not for everyone. I will be the first to say that.

What you intend to do with your life counts hugely. Sure! If you want to be a full time, public activist of the sort of the B4 guys, then the right combination is to be out and without LGFs.

If you don't want the tension inherent in being out in this age, for any reason, then yes, not being out is best. Same if you want to effect change in anonymous ways (say, you want to be a judge in order to move laws in a better direction).

But if you want the girl for the long term, really there is no alternative. You have to be out or you will lose her. Even if at first you are out only to her, or to her parents, or even one parent who is more accepting than the other, eventually, as the relationship goes official in front of everyone, you will be outed by it. No matter how many times you two deny it, everyone will know it started when she was a LG.

It's not for everyone, and there will be rejections. But I don't regret coming out for Raccoon and Gunner.

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