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Okay, but:

Posted by rainbowloom on Tuesday, February 06 2018 at 4:28:11PM
In reply to Good Luck: That is why one should never "come out" posted by freedomday on Tuesday, February 06 2018 at 3:47:53PM

I made a big splash in the hearts of my peers, and I earned the support of the most intelligent adults in my life.

And I still got the girl.

Her parents are at worst a temporary obstacle that may in fact be overcome pretty early, relatively.

You can be a secret girl-lover or you can be an open girl-lover.

If you want to go about your business in peace and can reconcile with everyone else's retardation and almost inevitably end up losing the girl long-term, then yes, you should never come out.

I had more ambition.

Sure, some people stabbed me in the back, which I always expected (hope for the best but assume the worst), but I had enough support elsewhere to rapidly mitigate that (as I was always sure I did).

And if you want to change others' minds and convince them of the injustice that goes on, you go my route.

If it wasn't quasi-incest then this wouldn't even be an issue.

But SHE figured out where my feelings were coming from (as smart girls often do) and SHE wanted to make it a thing, and I reluctantly agreed after a lot of pressuring because hell, I can't say no to her after she saved me from my own hell more times than I can even count.

Personally, if she was smart enough to come to the conclusion on her own that I have a sexual attraction not just to her but to girls her age in general, and loves me enough that she gives no fucks except for my own emotional well-being, I trust her at 10 years old more than any "grown-up" who is willfully ignorant to save themselves from discomfort.

If I come out of this with my arm around the girl even if the parents feel betrayed, that's still a remarkable win.

Thanks for the luck.

~ Rainbow

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