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Posted by rainbowloom on Thursday, February 08 2018 at 01:20:46AM

Received hate-mail from (her) Mom.

(Her) Dad still torn.

Told our (mine and my brother's) Dad the whole truth:

I didn't tell (them) in order to preserve that familial relationship with (their kids), but then (she) fell in love with moi (having had a crush on me since she was 5) after finding out that I was attracted to young girls by observing my reactions to her and to others. I tried very, very hard to not fall for her but in the end with the emotional connection we had it just happened. She began propositioning me over a year ago, trying to convince me to begin a secret sexual relationship with her which I have repeatedly refused. Nothing has happened, other than her making her advances and me telling her to stop or trying to redirect her attention elsewhere. Her point of view is that we fell in love when we were kids and are meant to grow old together, that it's okay for family to have a crush on each other but they just can't date, that it's not wrong and it's okay because we don't choose who we like, and if we know we're right then what does it matter what anyone else thinks, etc.

I didn't do a damn thing. And she insisted and persisted until I gave in to the romantic part.

Our Dad, upon listening to the whole truth, is now firmly on my side in this, and voiced disagreement with the way I'm being treated.


In spite of her parents' utter ignorance in believing their daughter is utterly ignorant: SHE is still on my side. And I imagine she'll be that much more on my side whenever she reads the mail her Mom sent insulting me, barring me from contact with anyone in their family but my brother (lest she go to the police and press charges), and blaming me for the loss of her daughter's best friend (meaning me).


I still got the girl. The fact that her parents don't know that actually is a better position - much better.

I can't combat Mom's hate-mail without revealing her daughter's feelings for me, which she made me SWEAR not to do, so I won't. But if I did, then she would probably be sent to therapy and told all sorts of horrible things about some monster I never was - and who knows how that would warp her view of things in the long run?


My trust and loyalty is with the girl who fell in love with me and took me on this trip. Not her parents, as much as I do care about them and feel compassion as they struggle to come to terms with this.

It's far from over.

And I'm in a better place mentally to cope with it now that my own Dad is completely in the loop and has me convinced that I have his support, even though there's not much he can do about it right now.

Should I still send the phone? I think probably yes.

I can win this but I need to be at my utter best and most patient and play my cards just right from now on. All support, help, advice, and any thoughts are most welcome as always.


~ R a i n b o w l o o m

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