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Oh! Scary scary scary WORDS!

Posted by Predator on Sunday, February 11 2018 at 7:44:54PM
In reply to Muddled ethics and excuses posted by manbot on Sunday, February 11 2018 at 6:39:48PM

Because disclosing information about the personal situation is not in the best interest of the GLer.

Lolwut? How did you arrive at that ?

Griffith has him easily beat in that regard, not to mention in being decent to new people. Unlike KBA, Griffith is also trustworthy.

Griffith didn't post the reply. You did and freedomday did. I have no problems with either of you. I've read you both. He does because he doesn't know you. I am sure if Griffith had replied, his reply would also have been different. In any case how is that supposed to be his fault that you haven't posted enough during his time here for him to read you?

Believing oneself above ethics is hardly an ethical code.

Such as?

Being assholish in expressing an opinion may be uncorteous, impolite, un diplomatic, rude... but it is not unethical. You'll have to do better to convince me he is unethical. And we'd do better to develop a thicker skin than that in the face of the sort of attacks we face. I'm sure Ethan would laugh when you protest he is above ethics, not to think of overt antis.

"You are fucking beneath me to the point I'd step on you like an ant".

Like I said, he is our equivalent of Trump. Like Trump, he doesn't care who is upset because of what he says. Like Trump, he won't stop speaking his mind. Like Trump, you have to see past his choice of words if you want to understand the man and his ideas.

"If you are not out and you don't have girls STFU"

Again, how come someone who hasn't experienced the situation Rainbowloom is going through is supposed to be able to give better advice than those who have?

Have Tom and Ed been where Rainbowloom is now?

Kba has.

Somehow the latter activists manages to live as pedophiles without sprouting dehumanizing crap.

And everyone has different personalities; and therefore different styles to address others. I don't hold that against anyone. Have you ever been to BC?

And again, no wonder we never go anywhere if we have to hide inside our shells at the first sight of R rated language directed at us. Truly the antis already emasculated us... we no longer need them to kill us: we would die out on our own.


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