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Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, February 22 2018 at 10:29:55PM
In reply to I did mention the most important thing... posted by Dissident on Thursday, February 22 2018 at 7:53:44PM

I live in a far left red hole. Where left mantras like higher wages, higher wages, gun control, free health, free education including college, free abortion, gay marriage, climate change, feminism, think of the poor, higher wages, immigration (the ones we like anyway), feminism, higher wages, are thrown at me...

Trust me, most of my real life friends and acquaintances are leftists. Though I'm not, most of my friends and acquaintances are.

I can be and am friends with them.

But when I see ideology destroying the future, I will contradict them.

Most stay, some don't. I'd love for you to stay, but if go you must, that is your path.

I still love you. And I'd have liked your input on AG issues.

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