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You still don't get it

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, February 24 2018 at 07:50:39AM
In reply to Actually posted by Hajduk on Thursday, February 22 2018 at 10:29:55PM

But when I see ideology destroying the future, I will contradict them.

I was trying to avoid broaching the topic so that we didn't fight. But you had to make sure it was brought up, and fight tooth and nail with me over it, and TWICE in the past year, ignoring other things that we should have attended to here united. And you did this knowing the insults were going to start in short order, you throw the insults on schedule, push and push relentlessly until you piss me off and make me lose my temper, then you have the nerve to complain I hurt your feelings. What gall you have, my former friend.

There is no reason to contradict my ideology if I do not bring it up and throw it in your face. But that is what you kept doing. You put more importance on fighting with me over it relentlessly on a board where it is off-topic and where we are supposed to put supporting people and discussing GL first. Think about that for a few minutes.

I strongly doubt your leftist friends will remain your friends if you keep picking fights with them over your ideological/political differences within every single environment you hang out with them, so they have to deal with your insults and your pushing relentlessly in front of other people who want no part of the whole thing. Is this how you act towards friends? I thought friends do their best to avoid fighting with each other rather than starting one as often as possible, but hey, that's just me!

If my ideology pisses you off that much, to the point where you have to constantly fight with me over it even if I don't broach it first, then your problem with my ideology has advanced to the point where you now have a problem with me as a person, and I will treat you accordingly.

Since you wanted to make this ideological difference personal, now I also have a problem with you on a personal level. So, I hope you're satisfied that you got the enemy that you seem to have tried so hard to acquire. If you actually wanted me to stay your friend when you were acting like that every time I returned to the board, then you clearly must think I'm some type of wuss who just takes it and won't dish it out in return. Your mistake, and you should have known better than to poke the bear like that.

And keep in mind: You did nothing to convince me that my ideology was wrong. No one else on a board dedicated to GL gave a damn about who was right or wrong either, but are instead more concerned with the personal fall-out caused by this. You did nothing to stop me from opposing your ideology with even more fervor than before, because I find it totally destructive. Yes, you read that right. And now that you made it personal, the gloves are off the next time you want to fight about it. No more courtesy or consideration, since you have been so keen to deny me the same lately.

Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to stop wasting my time talking to you and respect the spirit of the board by getting back to discussing girls and why we love them, and giving support and advice to others here who need it. Consider doing the same instead of provoking me with off-topic matters.


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