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I'm down.

Posted by jd420 on Saturday, February 24 2018 at 11:21:50PM
In reply to OT Gun Control posted by Dante on Saturday, February 24 2018 at 8:12:34PM

You want arms? Fine. But the full text requires that you are agreeing upon purchase to be available to the militia when it is mustered. If you desert by not responding to its call, or are insubordinate in a time of crisis by not following the orders of your superiors you will be treated with the standard severity that 18th century militias employed to keep their men at arms "well regulated."

...of course, there is nothing whatsoever that suggests that the militia need care about a government or its orders.

Consider the other standing army; the police. For the first century or so, any citizen could call upon any other citizen in the execution of warrant, and there were no police or state actors - at best, the requisite of an appeal to an (elected) judge. No prosecutor, no cops, no occupation.

There is nothing at all suggesting that a 'well-regulated militia' would not be self-regulated.

Meanwhile, in fantasizing about "gun control," I suggest you keep in mind that your goddamn underwear waistband is a fully-functional blowback-operated open-bold automatic-fire firearm. All you can do in even the most fantastical cases is bar semiautomatic fire; auto-fire is the automatic and default mode of an improvised firearm, to the point that it doesn't even need a trigger or sear.

So in the course of defending the crap that got us into this mess - an authoritarian state complete with state media monopoly which dictates to the people - you also get to figure out what you really want to create. All you're making illegal is the conversion of full-auto to semi-auto fire.


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