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Everyone gets an A!

Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, February 25 2018 at 6:29:21PM
In reply to double standards posted by manbot on Sunday, February 25 2018 at 05:00:38AM

Whereas your own posts don't mentioning anything but what is necessarily relevant to, for instance, a GM? Not even the slightest hint at religion or politics?

"Hey a boy I know is dead, please pray for him and his family."
"Lol god doesn't exist!"

As for logs, I have certainly not seen any.

Because they aren't publicly accessible.

Besides, is writing a popularity contest?

I guess everyone can have their opinion on this. However, to me, I write GMs in order to share what to me are magickal experiences. I care about GMs having an audience in a way I don't for most other posts.

Do you necessarily insist on everyone not having been here for decades AND claims having had a large number of LGFs AND proclaim themselves "out" etc should have their free speech restricted?

About a year ago, I wanted law advice regarding a possible sexual abuse case involving one of my LGFs.

I know many lawyers. Lawyers who work human rights, constitutional, international public and private, and "I know someone who knows someone" in taxes and in criminal, and of course, on animal issues law. Oh, and many, many, in commercial and contract law.

But I asked for advice a guy who works in family law, with experience in pro life legal development and in church related cases.

I guess I should have asked my friends in commercial law.

Or why even bother with a lawyer? Just ask the first guy I see. Or the shop attendant who greets me "how may I help you?"

Those conditions would gag the vast majority of GC members, including Dissident and yourself. Why are you necessarily gagged by criticism of those conditions?

Oh, sorry, I didn't realize not asking the opinion of the pizza delivery guy was restricting their free speech! I'll be sure to do that next time!

Are you sure you aren't working with James Cantor? He has similar ideas about how to select whom to ask a question. I guess Frederica is wrong in asking pedophiles only to fill out her survey; that gags normative heterosexuals and gays.

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