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more random thoughts

Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, March 01 2018 at 01:28:28AM
In reply to good fences with guard towers make good neighbors posted by Baldur on Wednesday, February 28 2018 at 01:46:51AM

* I don't know who is calling the arming of teachers or permanent security guards a deterrent. Obviously (as Dante says) if you're willing to conduct a mass shooting, you know you'll either be killed by cops eventually, or commit suicide, or be arrested and get execution or life without parole. You're way beyond deterrence at that point. Obviously then, the only way to stop you is to stop you, and the only way this can be done is to shoot back, isn't it?

* I'm reading the Broward deputies arrived at the school and stayed outside anyway, allowing more kids to be murdered. I didn't think I could hate blue skins more. And I didn't think I could be more determined to continue to promote global warming until Florida doesn't exist anymore.

* I'm also reading that the apparent student leader for gun control is the son of a (Ret) FBI agent. The plot thickens. What a coincidence! You know how that would be called in almost any other case? "Conflict of Interest".

* I'm also reading that, apart from varied, but detectable, problems at school; and the usage of shrink drugs, a near universal feature of mass shooters is that they come from broken, fatherless homes. I don't enough about enough of them to know how true this is. But if it is, it's an elephant, more even than an elephant, in the room. Why are progressive media not reporting on this, I wonder? If the War on Males has anything to do, it's more than ever now the time to stop the War on Males.

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