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Enemies vs 'Allies'

Posted by Dante on Friday, March 02 2018 at 00:57:42AM
In reply to electoral intervention posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, February 27 2018 at 9:51:02PM

Yes. I remember that one after another of the Israeli PMs vowed to wipe America off the face of the map. That the Mexicans still have their nukes aimed at the US mainland. And I recall all those moles within the Army and Navy who were revealed to be selling the names of US agents to the Saudis so that they could be eliminated.


I never said that America hasn't done similar ( or worse. ) And I'm certainly not disingenuous enough to dismiss the reality behind Mosaddegh and Allende as phantoms.

But you can't have it both ways. The Kremlin can't simultaneously be dismissed as mere ectoplasm, and at the same time acknowledged as a threat as real as the one the US poses to those on its hit list.

And yes, the one nobody seems to talk about; operations on "friendlies."

I'm not shocked or appalled that the inevitable happened to the US ( despite their belief that their systems were to robust to be hijacked. ) I'm just appalled that a sizable chunk of their political class seems to believe that if there was any short-term gain, then lowering the drawbridge and emptying the watchtowers will serve them even better.

Heck, I wasn't surprised, several years back, to see moles arrested who were selling US secrets to Israel. Everyone does it and everyone tries to guard against it........... until now.



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