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Yes, but

Posted by Hajduk on Wednesday, March 07 2018 at 11:59:16PM
In reply to Yep, exactly what I expected you to say :) posted by Markaba on Wednesday, March 07 2018 at 01:14:56AM

Don't tell me you're one of those conspiranoids who believes these shootings are staged false flag operations done by the gov't and the kids are actors. If that's what you believe, then I'm afraid I'm going to bow out now, and I am going to have to write you off as a lost cause.

No. The government just ignored over 30 different reports that this guy was planning a school shooting, including public social media posts. And the pigs stayed outside the school allowing the shooting to continue even after they had already arrived at the school.

Those two are 100% the government's fault. And no, they don't make the event a false flag. To some degree, it's even worse: it's a crime of omission.

Perhaps schools are safer in some ways than ever before. They're still not safe enough, and when the kids themselves are crying out in pain and fear that they don't feel safe anymore, then something needs to be done.

Perfect safety is impossible. It's a feature of the world, not of politics.

That said, again, there are measures we could take that aren't being taken: why is it that shooters disproportionately come from broken homes and are under shrink drugs? Can we not do something about that too? That is a much bigger difference between America and other countries than gun availability.

Of course, as with many on the Right, they talk a big game about how much value kids but all of their actions scream otherwise. I have to say, I am disappointed in you, Baldur. I figured you would at least be different on this point. The fact is, kids are not getting shot to pieces in their own schools in countries where effective gun control has been implemented. That's the fact. It sits there before us, hard as stone. Undeniable.

And yet, kids are more likely to be shot in the streets than in schools, and in thr US cities which have strong local gun control, like Chicago, DC and New York City. That is also an undeniable fact. Oh, and nobody protests for all those dead kids (which is shameful on both the Right and Left).

And yes, students are shot in their own schools in countries with effective gun control. Perhaps the librul media hasn't covered...

If the American government ever decides to disarm an unpopular minority here, I'm willing to bet the staunchest supporters of gun rights right now will be in favor of it

Wait, what? Unpopular minorities like youths (age bans), ex convicts (not all of them violent) and the "mentally ill"? That's already happening. And you're right, many in the Right applaud it. But it's the Left who proposes it.

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