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Yep, exactly what I expected you to say :)

Posted by Markaba on Wednesday, March 07 2018 at 01:14:56AM
In reply to Good to see you! posted by Baldur on Wednesday, March 07 2018 at 00:20:33AM

Those kids aren't "leading" this. They're being led.

No, their not. They're being nudged, but the movement is theirs. They started it, and they are the ones at the front of it. The gun control movement has been spinning wheels for decades. These kids are passionate and real. I've watched enough of their interviews to know that they are not pushovers being manipulated by some grand liberal conspiracy to take all of America's guns away.

And many of the survivors of that shooting are pro-gun, but the mainstream media is curiously not giving them a voice.

Many? I don't think that's true. If it was, far right media would already be courting them the way they tried to do with Colton Haab. Tucker Carlson had the kid come on his show and made some kind of big deal out of the fact that CNN tried to make the kid stick to the question he had submitted for the town hall. They only censured him when he refused to stick to the question HE submitted. And then, it turned out that was nonsense anyway. The kid's dad admitted he changed the email himself. This is what the Right has become. They have stopped even pretending to not be hypocrites anymore. Trae Crowder nails it.

In fact, younger Americans are now more pro-gun than older generations.

No, I don't buy that younger generations on the whole are more pro-gun than older generations. I know way too many Millennials. Even here in the Deep South younger generations are becoming much more progressive on a lot of issues, especially in the wake of the unmitigated disaster that is the Trump administration. The Right has effectively shit the bed. They, including the Religious Right (oh, remember how they lectured us endlessly about morals after Bill Clinton had his affair with Lewinsky?), sold out, and now they're reaping what they sowed. As the National Review pointed out, there's an epidemic of dishonesty on the Right. Your sources, my friend, are terribly compromised.

Everything related to this latest push for victim disarmament was obviously a set up. How does government fail to do its job at every step in this tragedy, and the slavers use this as a pretext to take more power from the public to give to those who failed at every level? How does that possibly make sense?

Don't tell me you're one of those conspiranoids who believes these shootings are staged false flag operations done by the gov't and the kids are actors. If that's what you believe, then I'm afraid I'm going to bow out now, and I am going to have to write you off as a lost cause.

Kids are physically safer at school than ever before. That's the fact.

Tell that to them. Anyway, this is a bit of a red herring. Perhaps schools are safer in some ways than ever before. They're still not safe enough, and when the kids themselves are crying out in pain and fear that they don't feel safe anymore, then something needs to be done. Of course, as with many on the Right, they talk a big game about how much value kids but all of their actions scream otherwise. I have to say, I am disappointed in you, Baldur. I figured you would at least be different on this point. The fact is, kids are not getting shot to pieces in their own schools in countries where effective gun control has been implemented. That's the fact. It sits there before us, hard as stone. Undeniable.

If they want to see their kids die from gun violence in horrifically high numbers ... they'll pass gun control.

You mean like they do in Australia, Germany, Japan . . . ? I honestly don't think YOU even believe that. If you do, then you are far more

It worked for the collectivists in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, and Cambodia under Pol Pot (among others). There were less people in the world when they murdered over a hundred million. Today, they could murder billions ... if they could just disarm the people they wish to kill.

Nazi Germany did not pass strict gun control for anyone except the Jews, and that was part of the systematic disenfranchisement that brought their party into power in the first place. If the American government ever decides to disarm an unpopular minority here, I'm willing to bet the staunchest supporters of gun rights right now will be in favor of it, and our country will have far bigger issues than gun rights at that point, because it will have meant the REAL fascists have come into power rather than an incompetent wannabe like Trump.

Far from it, these are the kids trying to drag their generation down.

Come on, Baldur. This spin is not working anymore on anyone but the diehard gun nuts and the fascists, who are often one and the same people.

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