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Of course I speak the truth ...

Posted by Baldur on Thursday, March 08 2018 at 00:56:21AM
In reply to Yep, exactly what I expected you to say :) posted by Markaba on Wednesday, March 07 2018 at 01:14:56AM

"I don't buy that younger generations on the whole are more pro-gun than older generations."

Well, that's what the polls are showing.

"Even here in the Deep South younger generations are becoming much more progressive on a lot of issues"

First, you live in a border state, not the Deep South. Second, the younger generation is more socially tolerant than former generations, but otherwise they are leaning more conservative than has been seen in a long time.

"especially in the wake of the unmitigated disaster that is the Trump administration."

Possibly the most effective administration I have seen in my lifetime.

"The Right has effectively shit the bed."

I think you misspelled "Left", as in the Left that has been literally taking its lead from the Nazi playbook, with disrupting opposition rallies, censorship, and political violence. Even their colors and uniforms are the same.

"They, including the Religious Right (oh, remember how they lectured us endlessly about morals after Bill Clinton had his affair with Lewinsky?)"

Some of the religious right leaders never understood their own constituency that well. Others figured that they had to do what they had to do to prevent the whole nation from imploding.

"there's an epidemic of dishonesty on the Right."

True, but the dishonesty on the Left has reached heights never before seen. It's rather remarkable to witness, really. The news reports presented to Left and Right in this country are so different now that you'd think they are describing two entirely different countries. I'm presuming that someone is deliberately spreading lies on both sides to ensure that each side will firmly believe that things are going their way until the moment they discover otherwise and will be convinced that they have been cheated, at which point they will be willing to go to war to get their way - at which point a lot of people will die. Conservatives at least have the benefit of knowing what progressives believe, but it's hard to say who will ultimately have the advantage.

"Don't tell me you're one of those conspiranoids who believes these shootings are staged false flag operations done by the gov't and the kids are actors."

I wouldn't put it past the government. They are known to have exposed the public to radiation, for example. But I do believe the shootings are real. I'm not sure that the government hasn't put some of the killers up to the shootings, however. Like I say, I wouldn't put it past them. They have been known to have done worse.

But what I was talking about is that the police were warned over 30 times that the murderer was talking about shooting up a school, and they did nothing. The school resource officer was warned about the murderer - and did nothing. The school resource officer was present on site when the shootings occurred ... and did nothing. Other officers arrived ... and were told to stand down. Then we found out that the Broward County Sheriff has been deliberately underreporting crimes for years in order to get grants that were rewarded for falling crime rates, but which essentially allowed criminals free reign in the county. But these are the people who are supposed to be tasked with protecting the public?

"when the kids themselves are crying out in pain and fear that they don't feel safe anymore, then something needs to be done."

Oh spare me that nonsense! Policy should be made on facts, not feelings.

"The fact is, kids are not getting shot to pieces in their own schools in countries where effective gun control has been implemented."

Actually they are. Massacres of this type are about as common in other countries with similar demographics as they are in the U.S. It's really a demographic issue, not a firearms issue.

"You mean like they do in Australia, Germany, Japan . . . ?"

Germany and Japan have fairly homogeneous cultures. Australia has a massacre rate about as high as the U.S., maybe higher. (It has a much smaller population so it's difficult to compare.)

In any case, I wasn't talking about school massacres. I was talking about the civil war that is being planned. Civil wars tend to kill a lot more people than school massacres, and an armed population is one of the chief deterrents against civil war. However, with the media doing its best right now to assure both sides that they will easily win any such contest, civil war seems likely anyhow - in which case conservatives will certainly not lay down their arms.

"because it will have meant the REAL fascists have come into power"

Oh! like Antifa!


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