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Another day, another terrorist...

Posted by jd420 on Saturday, March 24 2018 at 03:55:23AM

Dum de dum de dum...

A few of us have probably heard about bombing campaign one...

...less of us, but not none of us, have heard about terror campaign two.

And maybe this one.

That's a resistance which is reported to be shed rather quickly in the literature, btw.

Now, the more-public bombed area is Gulf/ABT turf. The less-public bombing area is Sinaloa territory - and has a staging area somewhere in the mcminville/newberg area from which it attacks SW greater portland, west salem, and n. keizer, historically. Why, exactly, would someone be menacing the Gulf Cartel to not back up the Sinaloa?

Well, because they have really cool initials, of course.

...of course, there's also this. The interesting thing is that, according to media description, there is no kiddie porn, and this is an arrest through corruption alone. But the other matter of interest, at least to SAlt party members, is the truly bizzare lengths to reference Fourier, who joins Owen as one of the early socialists of the later period.

Hiya, SAlt.

I agree in a sense with the menacing. One can probably let the Sinaloa, NF, and apparently Socialist Alternative do their own work and it would work out just fine. Conversely, if one just started killing truly-random white folk in South Africa, maybe Australia, one would end up hitting the family members of the people who ran the bombing campaign, just by random chance.

WAY cooler than adding to something that's already taken care of. Err, "cooler" is probably not the right word to describe acts of war and death, but "more pertinent" is certainly accurate. We could just do this every time - fuck up overseas, dead whites in the commonwealth. It is not a problem.

Anyone know the Afrikaaner for "Vegasman has high score?"

While we're on the subject - hey Boston, have you ever been bombed, and has this shit been going on too many centuries?

Anyways, I digress. TL;DR, apparently my observation of the PNWAWC scared some fucker enough to get a bunch of people in texas injured and/or killed.

I am, of course, jaded enough to not really give a shit; low-functioning terrorist cliques are not at all unlike other domestic abusers. They are just going to do their mental malfunction, contingencies are worthless.

...but it does establish that they actually know a lot less about what is moving in N. America than, well, virtually anyone. They're missing some shit that is very loud. 'n I agree - don't back up what's already taken care of unless there's a need; bomb the shit out of whites in the S. Indian ocean commonwealth, instead. Some of their family can die in lieu of the folks they like to pick on. No problem.

For those still interested in Hamilton... shit's fine. They're handling it about as well as would be suggested by the indicators in the message...

...and relates to the usual.

The annoying fucking internet trolls still trying to start a civil war are being told to fuck off. One could dox them for cluster info, and anyone in the area could answer the "white/tan powder or black tar" question.

Basically, I was bored. Wanted another subject to casually mention paramilitary movements in, anyways. NBD. Nice 'hood, though.

So, for those on this board wondering if their posts can get someone killed in random terrorist attacks... yes, yes they can. I would not worry about it; fail's gonna fail, with or without you.

...and for anyone who's sick of getting bombed, well, dead whites in the Commonwealth. You know what to do, each and every time they get slightly annoying. I think it's pretty well documented they've made attempts on the lives of london royals, so it brings up the question of whether London even can go to war with the Commonwealth.

~shrug~ If not, it's up to NorAid or someone to save the lives of the royal family, most likely "again." Kind of a lol.

Now we get to see if Socialist Alternative is a real player, I imagine. Should be interesting to watch...


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