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Annabelle's 18th (Jubilee?) Celebration!

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, March 26 2018 at 02:18:38AM


It's one of the four or five elements or something, isn't it?

Annabelle turns a legal 18 this year. No grabby hands, please. I don't know whether it's celebrated on Alice Day or whatever day was her first post (I seem to remember it being in May, possibly by our old pal, Puzzled). More patience, our archives are surely almost repaired and accessible;-)

My first post was in June of that year, as an unregistered nic (allowed in those fairly pre-troll days), and my first "Eeyore" post was either in June or July. I was a sprightly lad with a spring in my step, despite the name I chose. A few names which I still see here pre-date me (no pun intended), including jd420 and 28. There may be others, though I haven't seen them lately. We hated folks aren't always known for our excellent health or swearing off of bad-habit crutches, so we may have lost some people over the years, either to the great beyond or just boredom. Others were surely trolls who gave up and found more fashionable minority groups to hate on over time. Out of media view, out of sheeple mind. (Continued slow death to mainstream media.) Er, I mean, Happy Thoughts!

In any case, it might be a good time to remind people that Annabelle could use a little lift to her energy level as she makes her way to womanhood soon. I am told that donations (remember those?) are still gladly accepted. I don't know if there's a fancy crypto currency option available for that yet. We are sort of a 12:00AM-blinking beta-VCR around here, but the proven low-tech approach has kept us strong (thank our wise, low-key genius emeritus, NFiH). Perhaps Baldur has more info on donation process if anyone asks. You will be highly thanked and praised.

Daughter donations are prized for their sentiments, but are not acceptable at this time.

I do realize many child lovers with lots of money find other more exciting ways to spend their free time than sitting around posting daily on message boards. So you might not have the extra coin to spare, especially if you are buying ice cream and water park tickets and then wondering how to pay your rent as an afterthought:)

What we really need, I feel, is a higher volume of quality posts during this approaching time of celebration, for GC's determined survival in the face on so many past onslaughts. Make Annabelle's garden green again for this time we should be celebrating, no matter when we arrived.

Also, there's an unwritten rule around here, mostly violated by past trolls. No negative, downer posts on Alice Day! Bite your tongue, type it and save it, and post it the following day, or go to Lifeline to chat it out.

Let's get some of our classic posters back if they still lurk, and let's see how fun and interesting we can be for the sake of getting others replying! If only for the time of celebrating AnnaBelle turning 18:)

Help the garden grow. We need water!


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