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The silliness of the SJWs

Posted by Dissident on Sunday, April 08 2018 at 11:44:17PM
In reply to dubious posted by manbot on Sunday, April 08 2018 at 9:48:05PM

Why are you fighting for what amounts to crumbs and some icing, rather than an actual cake?

That is what the modern crop of liberals do, since they have since given into assimilationist and defeatist tactics, based on the ideology that things cannot improve beyond a certain point. Or, perhaps, that things shouldn't change or improve beyond a certain point. They are more or less loyal to the status quo as it is, and are not interesting in creating a substantially better status quo as their pre-1980s predecessors largely were. Appealing to what passes for contemporary social liberals is what Ethan, by his own admittance to me in this very thread, as set as Virped's basic goal.

Their idea for improving our situation is more along the lines of answering this question: "How can we make ourselves acceptable to the current status quo without challenging or changing it too much? Because we'll 'never' change it substantially." Whether it's because they honestly believe they cannot make substantial change, or simply do not actually want to, is hard to determine, but likely varies from liberal to liberal.

I assume you're talking about the small number of people, such as those less overjoyed to bake gay wedding cakes.

I hope I don't live to see the day when anti-pedophilia is equally trivialized.

Yet, you will still see numerous liberals of the regressive "SJW" variety insisting that vanilla homosexuals are as oppressed in the U.S. as much now as they have ever been, and are frequently subject to horrific types of discrimination. To convince themselves of this (assuming all of them actually believe it), they have to ignore the myriad incidences of outright coddling of LGBTQ people you see. Not to mention how pervasive the PC mindset has become, to the point where TV shows and comic books featuring gay characters go out of their way to produce whole plots revolving around their straight friends taking them out on the town to gay nightclubs to introduce them to a paramour of the same sex, while battering viewers/readers in the face with how trendy and flat out incredible it is to be vanilla gay.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad whatsoever about being gay (or bi, as the case may be) and acceptance of it is great because everyone should be treated as equals in our society. But when gays of the SJW mindset, or their straight SJW allies, insist they are still oppressed as if the civil rights movement just started yesterday, and demands safe spaces and other forms of entitled deference to them, it forces me into sad fits of ironic laughter.

Contemporary LGTBQ people in the West should count their lucky stars they live in this part of the world in this particular time period, especially if they were born recently enough to be Millennials. If they had been born in the U.S. prior to the 1970s, or in places like Uganda in the present, then they would know what it's like to be truly oppressed and almost universally hated, forced to be in the closet, constantly terrified you will be "outed" and lose the love and respect of many people whom you love and respect, forced to pretend you have a "normal" sexual orientation, compelled to keep your sexuality more or less to yourself even if you are "out" (as I am), to see almost nothing but negative depictions of people with your orientation in all aspects of popular fiction, to have it viewed as fully acceptable and even popular to demonize you, to have people who genuinely like and accept you afraid to defend you against such demonization, and to have hatred and misunderstanding of your orientation being part of mainstream thought rather than considered conservative social thinking.

And on top of that, do they have to see the people they are romantically inclined to forced into a different but no less substantial sort of oppression, where they are forcibly segregated into only associating with people their own age as equals, and are only allowed to interact with a few pre-chosen "authorized" adults who are always presented as authority figures to them? Or see the people they are attracted t forced to keep whatever feelings they may have towards them completely secret, and in fact not allowed to openly express any form of sexual feelings at all? And also seeing their own ability to experience romantic love dismissed?

I'll grant that a relatively small number of gays in the U.S. still have it difficult to some degree if they so happen to have particularly conservative or religiously fundamentalist parents; and perhaps if they have the poor luck to be born in the "Bible Belt" section of the country. However, even gays in those situations have a large, visible support base in the mainstream liberal movement, and a very loud and vocal movement in the SJWs demanding not just equality for them, but outright entitlement, while openly and brazenly demonizing anyone that is male, cis-gendered, white, heterosexual... and particularly anyone who is pedo/hebe, whom they go out of their way to distinguish vanilla gay people and their situation from resembling in the slightest.

In fact, it's a common viable defense for gays who do experience degrees of bigotry by saying, "It's not like I'm a 'pedophile,' you know!" Which sounds sooo good and uplifting to any MAP who happens to hear cruel and ignorant comments like that, of course.

So, no, with some rare exceptions, I do not think LGBTQ people in general have it so bad in the West anymore, and I'm sure many of them are both openly and privately thankful that if Mother Nature intended for them not to have a normative sexuality, She made them vanilla gay, bi, or trans and NOT pedo/hebe. As well as equally thankful they weren't born back in the 1950s, or in a place like Uganda today. It could have been far, far worse for almost all Western Millennial gays, and I have little doubt most of them know that despite the rants of the SJWs.


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