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Posted by manbot on Sunday, April 08 2018 at 9:48:05PM
In reply to Unrelated to the content of our site posted by EthanEdwards on Friday, April 06 2018 at 9:24:23PM

We never had any illusion of convincing the haters.

That would, first and and foremost, require convincing yourselves.

A lot of people still hate gays and lesbians

I assume you're talking about the small number of people, such as those less overjoyed to bake gay wedding cakes.

I hope I don't live to see the day when anti-pedophilia is equally trivialized.

I don't care if some vile anti-pedophile was still preaching the usual hatred, such as calling pedophiles child molesters, or lesbian man-haters refused to bake a cake for my wedding to the 6-year-old cutie of my dreams - what I do care about is our lack of rights and the fact that people, young and old, are harmed by anti-pedophilia you support.

Why are you fighting for what amounts to crumbs and some icing, rather than an actual cake?

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