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On Alice Month 2018

Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, April 10 2018 at 3:58:09PM

Now we are on Alice Month, I introduce to y'all the series of posts with which I intend to say goodbye to the coolest place on the interwebs.

I will post daily until I run out of topical posts, short memories of the girls in my life. I intend for this to be both about past, present and future, so I will say something about each. Some girls have been my full fledged LGFs, while some others have been just acquaintances, but nonetheless have had an influence over my neverending fascination with girls. Their ages range from babies to (just) adult, but I regard each as a girl in important ways. My real topic here is the unity of all girls as a natural force, the pervasiveness of Love as the greatest tool to bring out their best, and how the Pedo, me, can be the positive influence on their lives that we are called to be.

I say goodbye fully convinced that I'm being a disruptive influence on GC, which I don't want to be. I like to stir pots. I like to lock horns. Because I want peace, I prepare for war. But it's one thing to do so on the openly political and philosophical arenas where I do it regularly; and quite another to do it on a place whose foremost mission is to support one of the most oppressed communities in the world. Barry Goldwater said, regarding LGBT serving in the US Armed Forces, that "I don't care if you're straight; I only care you shoot straight". But here the opposite is true: I shouldn't care how you shoot, but that you are a GLer. Too often I forget that.

Yes, I am probably clinically paranoid. So what? It's definitely not the place of other DSM specimens to call one another names.

But I know one thing: any day and every day that you are not doing something for a girl is a lost day.

Any teleio can do that. You'd be no better if you are like that.

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