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4 - 11 - 2018: Goddess

Posted by Hajduk on Wednesday, April 11 2018 at 0:42:33PM
In reply to On Alice Month 2018 posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, April 10 2018 at 3:58:09PM


Age then: preteen
Age now: adult
Physique: very short, thin, medium length hair, European
Interests then: tv sitcoms, dolls
Relationships: work, then friends, then good friends
Positives: very strong lust for life, curiosity, drivenness
Negatives: insecurity, emotional vulnerability, sometimes laziness
Comments: Possibly still my best 3 GMs ever. And almost a doctorate on girl sexuality.
What she needed: Someone who made her feel loved. Someone who could nourish her positives.

I was still too young to be able to give her all that she needed. At the same time, I had already learned enough to see her needs better than before her. On the other hand; I was also still too shy and insecure myself. Even in my own imperfections, I may have been the influence she needed if I had pursued to keep in touch with her. As it was, I did not. I didn't know how to or realized the importance of doing it. Today I'd do it differently. Still, she taught me that girls do need us and do want us. How could I ever forget her? I still wish I could kiss her in remembrance and honor of the time we almost kissed.

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