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Virtuous Pedophiles

Posted by EthanEdwards on Friday, April 27 2018 at 09:57:15AM

Some of the newer members here might be unfamiliar with Virtuous Pedophiles, an organization whose website first went online in June of 2012 (website Some readers here might be interested in joining our peer support group.

Our basic message is that society should not hate but actually sympathize with the plight of pedophiles who have a sexual attraction we did not choose and cannot change, as long as we are committed to never acting sexually with a child. The website is the heart of our original vision, though we also run a peer-support board that has become very important.

The name "Virtuous Pedophiles" was chosen with the general public in mind. Instead of trying to avoid the negative connotations of "pedophile" by choosing some other phrase such as "minor-attracted person" we chose to keep that word but to pair it with an adjective that challenged the negative connotations. 'Celibate' was my top choice, but Nick's choice of 'Virtuous' is what we went with. Pro-legalization pedophiles were not in our minds when we chose the name. The term is indeed meant to exclude some people: those who engage sexually with children. Though Nick and I disagree with the pro-legalization position, we acknowledge pro-legalization pedophiles who scrupulously obey the law as also being virtuous, as we intend the word. 'Virtuous' doesn't mean we think we're better than other people, just that (contrary to common public perception) we're not worse.

As for our support group, in Nick's experience with the b4u-act peer support group in 2011, a few strident pro-legalization voices dominated the conversation. We wanted a different environment, and a key rule is that we do not discuss legalization in VP. We don't allow arguments for legalization, nor lengthy ones against it. The illegality of adult-child sex is a premise of our conversations. Although this annoys some pro-legalization pedophiles, it has also set the stage for a great many others to join us who want nothing to do with pro-legalization opinions.

Our membership criteria have evolved over time. Our core members are pedophiles who are against legalization. We have also welcomed scientists, journalists, writers, artists, abuse survivors, and friends and family of pedophiles. Our posts are not publicly viewable -- you have to join to look. With this in mind, we are open to pro-legalization pedophiles on observer status -- as long as they do not break rules such as direct quotes off-board without permission. We are also open to those with what we call "humble/laid back" views on legalization -- maybe you kind of think it should be legal, but aren't sure of that or aren't passionate about it and willing to be in a group where the assumption is against legalization. When people want to talk about the arguments for and against legalization, we encourage it -- on other boards, among which we name this one and BoyChat.

As of today there are 2,851 registered accounts at VP, with a few hundred who log in during any given month. Many people never post at all, concerned about staying anonymous, so we don't know their views. But based on the "I want to join" emails that come to VP ("Contact us" on the site sends mail to, the majority are actively against legalization.

VP is not for everyone, but I mention it as an opportunity for new folks who might be interested.

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